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The 1st  period is won by the kid with the best technique
The 2nd period is won by the kid in the best shape.
The 3rd period is won by the kid with the biggest heart".

Dan Gable

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Role of a Wrestling Club Parent

Support of the parents (both Mother and Father) is essential to the success of any youth program, but this support can be shown in many areas of activities - such as fundraising, promotion, team sponsorship, concessions, and any other type of volunteer activities the club needs.  It is imperative that as a parent, loyal fan support is shown at all times, at home as well as in the stands during competition.  Wrestling is like no other sport.  Your support of your child in indeed critical to his/her development as a young athlete.

Parents must clearly understand the aim of the program, which simply is to teach youngsters a strong base of fundamentals, good sportsmanship, and fair play while instructing them at their highest competitive level possible.

Parents must never interfere with the operation of the team just because their child happens to be a member.  They  will be better supporters of the team if they understand what the coach is trying to do.  If parents have questions, please call a coach at home or address the coach before or after practice.

The coaches are the best judges of the child's abilities and capabilities, and if the parents have questions it should not be addressed during practice, but after or before practice.  All children are different and not all will learn by the same teaching method, therefore different strategies and teaching methods may be used at times.

Stillman Valley Wrestling Club is a family activity.  Enjoy it and allow your child to enjoy it.  You will BOTH be richer for the experience.

the REAL competition...is within yourself.